Dollar Tree wreath Fall edition

Well i am finally back to blogging! Thank you to everyone who kept asking me to blog again. Who knew it would take so much to keep up a blog! I totally have a new appreation for those who blog daily!

Back in The spring I did the dollar store challenge and made two wreaths for my front doors and I LOVED them! I mean where can you get two wreaths for twenty bucks! ( can I get an amen?!) I wanted to give you and update on how the wreaths held up for the summer. They are on a small covered poarch but when the wind blows during a storm they were not completely protected.

Here are the wreaths today as I am ready to remove them.

So I think they held up really well. Matter of fact I was so pleased with them, I decided to make a fall set to kick off my fall decorating, which will probably take most of September. This is NOT, however because I have that much in way of fall decor, but because it is hard to get into the its fall excitement when its still 90 plus degrees everyday! Lol.

So back to my current wreaths, again I hit the Dollar Tree with 20 bucks and an idea of what i wanted, came out with everything I used and about 5 things that never made it on the wreath. Lol

Here is what I got all from 1 quick trip into my local Dollar Tree.

Here is how I put them together, working on both at the same time so they are very similar.

So here ya go. My 1st step towards fall. I love them!

Painting in the kitchen has begun!

Finally, It has begun! I have been wanting to start painting my kitchen but I took forever to pick my paint colors and this will be a long project because I do not want to rush and I want us to take our time doing it and do it right. I will give you a quick update on what we did this weekend and will give updates as we complete sections. 

Before of the alcove where our pantry is and the coffee bar area. I like to think of it as phase 1 lol

We did 2 coats of primer and 1 coat of paint. The paint is Benjamin Moore Classic gray. Which I love! Thank you Starr!

Just primer above but wow what a change. 

I can not wait to put on another coat and do the trim. 

I will keep you posted on our progress! 

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Fake peonies

Okay so while browsing Pinterest I stumbled across where someone had taken carnation flowers, made a few cuts under the bloom on the green and wired a few together and boom they look a-lot like peonies! I love peonies and plan on planting a couple of them in the fall. My favorite are the Sarah Bernhardt double bloom peonies! But until then I think I have found a way of having the look without the expense of buying them. 

I brought home flowers that were left from the senior breakfast on friday and there were carnations in the arrangements so I figured what better time to try it out than now.

I cut the green under the bloom in about 4 or 5 places.

Fluff the bloom by gently pulling the flower open, just don’t pull the petals out. Lol 

Then I wired 2 or 3 together as close to the bloom as possible.

Oh my goodness is this not beautiful!!!

Now I am not a professional florist so don’t judge my arrangement too harshly, but I love fresh flowers and now I will be hunting carnations next time I am buying flowers.

Let me know what you think and If you try this. Would love to see your tips and tricks for making beautiful arrangements without breaking the bank!

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Kitty Closet for crazy cat people

As I mentioned yesterday, I am so far behind on posting and well, honestly it’s Sunday night and I am typing up several blogs that I have been trying to write but just haven’t seemed to have the time. There is this great feature that lets you just pick when it will post! How cool is that. So just to be clear I didn’t post this while at work lol!

Okay moving on to the project, we have an abundance of closets in this house. Of course they are all in use, but we took one closet and that is where we kept our two litter boxes and fed the cats (2 of them). We took the doors off the closet and made a plywood shelf for their food. That is how it was until last weekend when we decided it needed a face lift. So off to Lowe’s we went with an idea and giddy excitement! What? doesn’t everyone get giddy when they go to lowes? Okay, okay but I love lowes!

Here are pictures of our fur babies, Sweeney the yellow tabby and Misty the grey tabby. Yes Sweeney really did park her fluffy self right on top of my clean WHITE shirts! 

And like usual we forgot to take a pick before we got started but the only thing missing is the plywood and cat bowls.

We cleaned out everything and gave it a good clean and a coat of paint. I bought a quart and had some left over.

That my friends is my handsome assistant and handy man extraordinaire! 

We covered the plywood and a board with some remnant carpet we picked up at lowes for 11 dollars, and handsome handyman wrapped two boards with sisal rope.  

Then I used a valance that I already had on a tension rod to cover where the litter boxes are and added a few items on the top shelf. Now let me explain the blue rug that doesn’t match anything in the picture below. I had read were micro fiber rugs were great for helping cat not to track litter so several months ago I picked that up on clearance. I will continue to use it until i find a bargain on one that matches. 

The stool is for Sweeney, whom is a little on the fluffy side and doesn’t jump a-lot. LOL. Now I must give full disclosure. Neither cat as willingly gone up in the closet. Misty is very much a climber but is super skittish and I believe she will warm up to it, once she gets used to the change. Oh and eventually that 1970’s green carpet will come up because there are hardwoods below but that too my friends is a project for another day.

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Dollar Tree Challenge

Oh my goodness I am so far behind on blogging! Todays post was an online challenge that I saw on two other blogs that I follow. My Re-purposed life and Refresh restyle (when I learn how to share links I will ask permission and share their pages with y’all). You had to create something from items found only from the dollar tree! This was totally up my alley and I knew just the thing or should say things that I wanted to make.

I wanted to make matching wreaths for my front doors. Matching ones because I have two skinny outter shutter like doors for screen doors.


Oh girls they came out so great I couldn’t believe they were from the dollar tree. If you have priced wreaths lately they are so expensive and I couldn’t get one for 20 dollars let alone 2.

Okay lets start from the beginning. Here is what all I bought for making my wreaths and I didn’t use some of it.

I broke out my trusty glue gun and stared wrapping the foam circle with the rope.

I forgot to pause and take a picture until I was already gluing flowers on, but as you can see I only covered part with rope.

Then I laid out kinda how I wanted them to look and started gluing. I would hop back and forth from each wreath in my attempt to keep them matching.

Then I hung them on my doors! I absolutely love how they turned out and am so glad I saw the dollar tree challenge, which made me think to make my wreaths rather than buy them.

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DIY rain boots calf expansion


Because we have had rain the last couple of days and the forecast is calling for at least a 50% chance of rain, each day, over the next 10 days. I thought it would be the perfect time to share this DIY. Let me know if you have any questions on any of the steps. I will be glad to help. 

Have you ever been shopping and discovered the most perfect pair of rain boots, that was surely designed and made just for you? I mean – perfect size, perfect color or design, and perfect price and then you try them on, only to discover, the calves are too tight? Oh the disappointment! That my friends, can make a girl fall out in the isle of the shoe store and do the ugly cry! Total disappointment! The tuck tail and hang ones head as you leave the store kind of disappointment. I used to believe that when the calves were too tight you just had to suck it up and keep looking. Girls, I was wrong!

It started when I ordered my daughter (she is 24) a pair of rain boots. She loved them and was so excited. When she tried them on she discovered the calves were too tight. There was much wailing and nashing of teeth! I starting looking for a fix for our problem and looked all over pinterest and wasn’t finding anything. So I took an idea from my favorite pair of my rain boots and just decided to chance it. Here is a picture of one of the boots before I started on it(I almost forgot to take a before picture, I had actually started on one boot when I remembered to snap a picture)

So here is what I did, cut a U shape out of the outside calf.  

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First project blog! Oh the excitement!

Okay guys, I am so excited to share this project! I have so many projects that I have saved from the past to put on my blog, but this is an actual, real time project blog! Lol! I am so excited to reveal my new over the sink lighting. It has been in the making for several weeks and has been ready to be hung for a couple of those weeks! But as you all know work, life and anniversary parties trump finishing projects sometimes. Hubby and I both found a pin that we liked and wanted to make something similar. This is the inspiration that use to make our light.

Now I must say that it looks so great with all the cabinets and walls painted and hubby did suggest that we wait to hang it, until after we painted, but I was so excited and loved it so much that I couldn’t wait!

We used a 4 foot long 6 inch pine board and added 3 inch board around the sides. Dave attached them with L brackets, to build the box.

Then Dave stained it using walnut minwax stain. Because it is above the sink he put a few coats of polycrylic to seal the wood from dampness and steam. Then Dave drilled the holes for the pendent lights and wired them together. I know what y’all are thinking…. that it seems like Dave is doing most of the work, wellllll ummm yeah, I plan it and he is my handy man. But don’t let that fool y’all, he enjoys the projects as much as I do. Well, maybe not that much but he has like them! Mostly lol!

Just so y’all know, I did go to Lowe’s and picked out the globes! I wanted glass globes not the wire ones like in the inspiration light. I also stood on the counter and lined up the bolts to the butterfly toggles we put in the ceiling to hang the wooden base.

Excuse the blurry pictures but I wanted y’all to see how safe this looked LOL (Denise would die! (Denise is the safety coordinator at work lol)).

Without further ado here is the finished light!

I love, love, love the light and let me assure you that no one will have any trouble seeing while washing dishes! It’s fantastic! I can’t wait to start painting in the kitchen, then cabinets. Slowly but surely our kitchen is coming together.

Oh and as a side note it makes a great light out back too! Lol

Good night y’all!